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About Kankakee Valley Middle School


Students: Do not put any objects (ear buds, charger, pencils, books, etc.) in the pocket of your Chromebook Case- could possibly crack the screen. Do not leave your Chromebook in the car for an extended amount of time. The cold and/or heat could damage the Chromebook.


Kankakee Valley Middle School Vision Statement


Kankakee Valley Middle School Vision Statement












"A school community united in the beleif that all students can learn:

Keeping rigourous standards, Valuing Responsibility, Meeting Individual Needs, and Sharing and Collaborating"


Kankakee Valley Middle School Mission Statement

Kankakee Valley Middle School is united in the belief that all students can learn. 

Keeping Rigorous Standards

Kankakee Valley Middle School recognizes the importance of maintaining rigorous standards for living and working in the 21st century.  We provide data-driven instruction to assist students, formative and summative assessments, and a strong foundation in literacy based on the Indiana College and Career Readiness standards.

Valuing Responsibility

Kankakee Valley Middle School recognizes the important roles that students play in their own education.  We provide opportunities for students to be advocates for themselves and take responsibility for their learning through cooperative learning, class participation, and individual goal setting.

Meeting Individual Needs

Kankakee Valley Middle School recognizes that each student is an individual with unique talents and challenges.  We respect these individual differences by providing a variety of opportunities for demonstration of mastery through differentiated instruction, reteaching, and enrichment.

Sharing and Collaborating

Kankakee Valley Middle School recognizes that education goes beyond the classroom and therefore offers varied opportunities for students to engage and participate both in school and through extracurricular activities.  We model the benefits of working together through common assessments, professional learning communities, collaboration, and celebrating successes.